Upcoming Webinar:

Win More Negotiations at your Price

June 3rd, 2020 – 12 p.m. EST


Sellers often find themselves in a zero-sum game when negotiating with procurement or professional buyers. The goal of the buyer is to capture as much economic profit as they can by lowering the price. The job of the seller - hold the line and defend price. But how does the seller know when to hold firm or walkaway?

Join Mike Cannestra and Patrick McCullough as they discuss the single biggest predictor of success in sales negotiations  - understanding your  negotiating position. 

In the field, Negotiating with Backbone is proven to help sellers win more deals with higher margins. What better way to illustrate the importance of negotiating position than with actual case studies. Join the team as they illustrate different situations when it pays off to stand your ground and others when it is better to walk away. Be prepared for an interactive experience as they test your knowledge along the way.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Protect your offering with a Price Buyer by stripping away value added components
  • Reinforce your ROI with a Value Buyer to standing your ground
  • Defend your price with a Poker Player and create a firm walkaway stance
Mike Cannestra

Mike Cannestra

Vice President

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Patrick McCullough