Upcoming Webinar:

Use your big data to define value and drive profits

April 5, 2019 – 12 p.m. EST

Big data is only worth as much the decisions it informs, right? Then why is it so hard to get our data and analytics to drive better decision making? Join our webinar to learn how to drive profitability through your data by defining value and improved pricing. 

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to use big data to identify which markets, products, customer segments support price increases to drive profit increases
  • Which graphical communications of pricing opportunities drive high-impact executive conversations and is the first step to give Pricing a seat in the executive suite
  • How profit improvement can help justify an investment in pricing initiatives and tools to build a scalable analytics solution
  • How to tie pricing to the value your solutions deliver to the customer, and how to equip your customer-facing teams to become champions of your pricing strategy

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Bill Bridgers

Vice President, Business Development